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Charlestown is a historic neighborhood located in Boston, Massachusetts, known for its charming architecture, waterfront location, and close proximity to downtown Boston. From a real estate perspective, it is a highly sought-after neighborhood with a mix of residential and commercial properties.


  • Historic charm: Charlestown is known for its historic architecture and cobblestone streets, which give the neighborhood a unique and charming character.
  • Waterfront location: The neighborhood is situated on the Boston Harbor, providing residents with access to waterfront parks, marinas, and other recreational opportunities.
  • Proximity to downtown Boston: Charlestown is just across the harbor from downtown Boston, making it an attractive location for those who want to live close to the city center.
  • Strong community: The neighborhood has a strong sense of community, with active community organizations and neighborhood events.
  • Strong rental market: With a large student population from nearby universities and hospitals, there is a consistent demand for rental properties in the area, providing consistent rental income for landlords and investors.


  • Limited public transportation options: Charlestown is primarily served by buses and the MBTA’s Orange Line, which may not be as convenient as other neighborhoods with more extensive public transportation options.
  • Limited parking: Like many urban areas, parking can be difficult to find and expensive in Charlestown.
  • High prices: Charlestown is a highly desirable neighborhood, and real estate prices can be quite steep, making it difficult for some buyers and renters to afford.
  • Limited commercial development: While Charlestown has a mix of residential and commercial properties, there are fewer commercial developments than in other neighborhoods, which may limit employment opportunities for some residents.
  • Tourist crowds: The neighborhood’s historic landmarks, such as the Bunker Hill Monument, attract many tourists, which can create crowds and congestion during peak tourist season.

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